Thursday, 8 May 2008

Misguided good intentions...

It came to light that the Myanmese junta were well aware of the incoming cyclone that hit Myanma's southwest coast.

The junta was informed as early as 48 hrs before but it chose to play it down and, for some obscure reasons, informing its citizens to brace themselves for some 'heavy rains' instead.

Although there were no credible official figures, external agencies have estimated that as much as 100,000 Myanmese may have perished in the most recent catastrophe that struck the monsoon prone area. What the junta failed to do in its most recent crackdown, the cyclone did it for them.

In the meantime, external aid is slow to come by as the military government is not exactly transparent about how it's going to distribute it. The last thing that donors want is for the aid to feed the army instead.

Josef Fritzl, the current Dad pin-up (for pub dart boards, that is) is pleading for his case.

He claimed that he has treated his daughter well throughout her 24 year ordeal and in the process fathering 7 children (one of whom died at birth).

He also claimed that he 'could have killed his daughter but choose not to'. The judge should award him the 'Dad of the Millennium' for even suggesting that.

Bring back the death penalty!


Cat said...

Two horribly tragic incidents you write about here; one natural disaster and the other about as unnatural as you can get. I hope Austrian prisons treat child molesters and sex offenders the same "way" American prisons do (or I guess I should say 'prisoners' instead of 'prisons'. What a nasty man.

MiC said...

And now he's blaming Hitler and his mum... pretty soon, he'll blame his doings on the MacDonald guy who added too much salt in his fries!