Monday, 21 April 2008

Come on already!

There was public fury on how Prince Williams, having obtained his RAF license, flew a Chinook to pick up his brother (Prince Harry) in London for a stag party at Isle of Wight. News broke out this week that prior to that, Prince Williams landed the same helicopter on his girlfriend's estate. The heli was on the ground for all of 20 seconds 'without anyone boarding or alighting'. Perhaps the Prince just wanted to blow Kate a kiss.

How could he do this? When there's already not enough funding for the thousands of immigrants into the UK to take care of their healthcare, housing and even translators for those who aren't conversant with English.

What about the funding for Top Gear's stunts? I mean, that Chinook was meant to race with the next car that's gonna be on Jeremy's show! Never mind that the troops in Afghanistan can do with more air support... Top Gear must go on! RAF bigwigs should get their priorities right!

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